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A little bit about me!

Hi, my name is Marcel, and I am originally from Lage, Germany. Moved to Canada in 2004 and have been loving it here ever since! I love traveling and am always on the lookout for the next great opportunity.

I started my online journey back in 2014 with Amazon FBA. Joined multiple Facebook groups and started watched all the videos about Amazon on youtube and how to start building a business online. I started with Alibaba wholesale, bought bulk, shipped it home, re-labeled the products and shipped them to USA Amazon FBA centers!

More about my first FBA story >Here<. This was a huge door that opened and I learned more about Alibaba and its little brother Aliexpress. Learning about Aliexpress has peaked my interest in starting a Shopify dropshipping store. 

3 stores to be specific… First two stores failed BUT I at learned at ton!

I still have to write up a post about my start with Shopify, unless you are reading this from the future :O In that case check my Shopify category to read up on that fun story!

Once my Shopify store was rolling, I learned so much about digital marketing, Facebook, Google Ads, and Email Marketing. I got Ad certifications with Facebook and Google and decided to sell my dropshipping store and start my own Marketing company- Smart Marketing 360 

Helping businesses with marketing is an awesome opportunity to grow my skill set and help great people succeed…but where did all my time go…

time management

Crazy work schedules kept me busy and I had to take a step back and see where I was heading. This made me realize that I can help a ton more people with marketing, or my experience with Amazon FBA and Shopify Dropshipping. So I created this blog- Create Innovate Media

I am here to help YOU, make YOUR Online Income dream come true. If it’s Amazon, Shopify, Digital marketing or blogging my goal is to share value and great content with the world and start creating a side income or a full time income to end your 9-5! 

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