3. Optimizing Product Listings

Course Benefits

One of the most vital aspects to your success on Amazon for sellers is product optimization. Whether you’re a brand new seller or an existing seller you can always learn to optimize your products to increase sessions, increase conversion rates and increase sales.

Course Contents

In this course we’ll cover everything you need to know about current best practices for optimizing your product detail page on Amazon in order to stay within Amazon guidelines, and increase your best seller rank.

Topics include:

  • Understanding the A9 Amazon Search Engine
  • Product Discoverability, Rankability & Buyability
  • Resources to perform Keyword Research
  • Creating Successful Product Titles
  • Product Photo Requirements & Tips
  • Product Features & Descriptions that Sell
  • Use of Search Terms in your Listings
  • How to Analyze Listing Optimization
  • Seller Question & Answer Section

Whether you’re creating a brand new listing, or wanting to optimize an existing one, this course will provide the details of how to optimize your various listing elements.

Duration: 97 minutes

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