2. Creating Your Storefront

Course Benefits

Even for experienced sellers, there’s quite a lot that’s easy to miss. Opportunities that can help you guard and protect your brandingincrease sales and  avoid account suspension. Whether its a time-saving tip or an insight to avoid loss of sales, this course will make sure that your storefront is setup in optimal condition giving you the best opportunity for success.

Course Contents

In this Amazon course we walk you through the steps of setting up your Amazon account, fulfillment options, product listing options and more. Topics include:

  • Customizing your Amazon Storefront
  • Maintaining Seller Account Health
  • Amazon Detail Page Control
  • Amazon Brand Registry
  • Automated Seller Feedback setup
  • Amazon Fulfillment Options
  • Methods to List and Import Products
  • Seller Question & Answer Section

This is a great course to walk new sellers through the Amazon storefront setup, helping you to avoid costly errors and capitalize on your initial Amazon investment.

Duration: 97 minutes

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