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Shopify is an amazing platform for small business start ups, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs. E-com sales statistics are on a steady incline and it’s not going to slow down anytime soon! Back in 2016 Shopify already had over 400k Customers (store owners) and made over $29 Million in generated revenue. These number are much much higher now in 2019.

With Shopify’s popularity rising and people creating stores everyday, the question comes up: What are the best Shopify Apps? If you are asking yourself that question you are at the right place. Over 2,000 Shopify apps are available on Shopify, but which do I really need?


If you are not using any apps or are looking to learn and get the best apps keep reading.

We will divide the Apps into Categories for an easier Overview


·        Adding / Finding Product Apps

·        Sales Conversion Optimization Apps

·        SEO Apps

·        Social Proofing Apps

·        Customer Support Apps

·        Places to Sell

·        Top Email Marketing Apps

·        Other Made By Shopify Apps


·        Trending Apps

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Adding/ Finding Products Apps

Oberlo-Dropshipping- Free

This app is for everyone that is using Aliexpress to Dropship. You will have seen tons of video about this App. We have our own article: Oberlo 101, if you want to learn more about it.

Dropified-Dropshipping- 14 Days Free Trial/ $47 month

This App is very similar to Oberlo but also works with Ebay. So Aliexpress and Ebay. I personally would not recommend this App if you are just starting out. Start with Oberlo

Printify: Print on Demand– Free

If you are running a Print on Demand Store then this or the following 2 apps are for you. I personally used Printify, because I like having more variety in shirt materials and items to print on. Don’t get me wrong, Printful and teelaunch are amazing too but I will get more into those below. Printify has free plans and easily integrates with your Shopify Store.

Over 100k merchants use Printify, quick and easy shipping including Europe. Also works with Etsy and WooCommerce stores.

Printful: Print on Demand– Free

Excellent App for Print on Demand, quality material and product, again I feel there is a little more variety and options available with Printify but YOU should give both a try and see which YOU like better.

Connecting Printful with your Shopify store is easy:

1.      Create your Printful and Shopify accounts

2.      Click the “Add app” button at the top of this page and follow the steps

3.      Add and sync your products

4.      Set up your billing and shipping, and you’re done!

TeeLaunch: Print On Demand– Free to Install*

This app is made famous by YouTube and many YouTubers using this platform. It’s a great platform BUT, its only Free to install, if you get more orders you will need to sign up. My biggest problem with this App was that every product shipped arrives in a wrapped “TeeLaunch” wrapper, now customers can clearly see where its from… big no no for me. Not sure if this has been changed or of there is options for shipping with blank wrappers.

print on demand

Sales Conversion Optimization Apps

Frequently Bought Together – 30 Day free Trial- $6.99

This App is similar to what you see on Amazon. Frequently bought together, pretty self explanatory.  Other products are shown and recommended to visitors. How does it work? The App stores purchase data through data mining algorithms and produces a memory graph with recommended products usually added together to the shopping cart. This App does cost $6.99 after the free trial but is totally worth it.

Bold Upsell– 14 Day Free Trial- $9.99

Up Sell and Cross Sell, create upells on product pages, cart pages or even after checkout. These are popup displays and provide customers with more add ons. Quick Example:

CROSS-SELLS (Would you like fries with that?)

UPSELLS (Would you like to supersize that?)

Great App, also $9.99 but again worth it. You can also start with a Free plan from Popup Upsell App- Below.

Popup Upsell– Free


Simpler and free version of the App above, easy to use, no coding editor. Popups that will fit right into your Store, you can set it up fir first time visitors, certain quantity of products in a cart, or during certain timer periods. Easy to use and its FREE. Great App to start before moving to Apps that cost you.


SEO Apps are a must have for every store owner! Dropshipping, Print on Demand or whatever you are doing with your store. This will help rank your site in google and gain more organic visitors. Very highly recommend any of these three Apps, as they are Free as well.

SEO Image Optimizer– SEO- Free

Used by over 153,000 Stores and 4.8 Stars rating with close to 3000 Reviews. These are some great numbers when looking for apps. Image Optimizer uses images from your store and ads them to google. Close to 27% of searches on Google are Google images. Having a product that you are selling show up here could bring huge traffic to your store and create more backlinks to your site! The best part is you don’t do anything, just install the app and done.

Plug in SEO– SEO- Free

This App checks your store and determines a verdict in details about your sites SEO. All essential areas are checked, search engine optimization (Google, Bing) Page Titles and Headlines, meta descriptions, loading speed, post structure, content freshness and much more. Great App to install optimize and remove after : )

Bulk Image Edit– Image SEO- Free

Golden Rule- File Size Matters. The faster the page loads the higher your store ranks in Google. Well kind of, but loading speed has a huge impact in ranking and customer experience. This app will compress images to pages load faster and customer experience is awesome.

Social Proofing Apps

Another set of Apps that can make a huge difference in customer experience and trust of your store. Social Proofing is a must have. There are tons of social proofing apps out there, the worst thing you can do is create fake reviews. Don’t be that guy, here are 2 Free Apps below, real reviews.

Ali Reviews– Free

This was my favorite app for social proofing, clean design and multiple display styles to choose from. This App can only be used if you are using Aliexpress for dropshipping. You can import REAL reviews from customers on Aliexpress and display them on your site. Free version only allows 12 products/ revies at one time. Great if you only have a handful of products you are really promoting. Customers can also add their own reviews to products.

Product Reviews– Free


If you have a theme that doesn’t already have Reviews section you can use this app to enable customers to add reviews.

Customer Support Apps

Helping Customers with simple questions during the buying phase can improve your conversion rate. Often customers have simple questions, shipping, product details etc. If you can answer questions for customer while they are still

Easy Contact Form– Free

I used this App myself as well, loved it. Clean, integrated contact form in your website. Looks very professional. Free but also has paid version that guarantees to increase sales in 30 days or money back.

Integrates with Mailchimp, Contat Contact, Infusionsoft, Hubspot, GetResponse and Aweber.

Messenger Channel– Free


Also had this App. Link your Facebook page to your store. Visitors on your page or in your store can message you directly with any questions. If they see that there is someone on the other side of the screen it also build trust and social proofing.

AfterShip- Track & Notify– 14 Day Trial


Perfect app for keeping track on orders and keeping your customers informed. This App integrates with Klaviyo, Shipstation, UPS, FedEx, USPS. Order notifactions are send to customers BEFORE they ask you where their order is and complain. Track All in one place and all automated delivery

ali reviews

Places To Sell

Facebook Channel– Free

Sell from your Facebook page, create a full working store on facebook for visitors to check out and purchse products through your Shopify Store. Great App

Instagram Channel– Fee

This a growing trend, lots of big instagram pages are starting to tag products on their images, that links to their store. And ppl can go right to purchasing, no more check link in bio. If you are using instagram to grow your following then this is a great way to link people to your products.

Google Shopping– Free

Easily Sync your products to Google Shopping. This is a shopping platform that is not used to its full potential…. Yet. Maybe it will gain traction and become more attracting but Google has its own Google Shopping platform. You can run Google Campaigns and advertise right on the platform. NOTE: This is not that simple to set up, lots of steps are required to make this App function properly.

Amazon Channel– Free

Use Amazon to Dropship products. The Amazon Channel will add products to your Amazon Sellers Account. When purchases are made on Amazon, you can fulfill the merchant orders with Shopify. Or dropship to your Amazon customer, make sure shipping times fall within Amazon’s rules and regulations.

Ebay Channel– Free


And another way to dropship like Amazon. Add products to Ebay and fulfill them through Shopify! Dropship to Customers that ordered through Ebay.

Top Email Marketing Apps

Email Marketing is another area that every Shopify owner must establish. It’s much easier to get a past customer to buy something again (if your product is good) then to get new customers to purchase something. Follow up with Customers on their orders, if they liked them, recommend them, something you can change to make the experience better for the customer. Build an Email List! Below is my favorite Email marketing App and two other best rated Free apps.

Klaviyo: Marketing Automation– Free

I also used this App, great for customer retention and marketing. Klaviyo Stores see an average of 67x increase in ROI. Email marketing the their automation help bring customers back to your store for more! Highly recommend.

Omnisend Email Marketing & SMS– Free to Install

Drive sales on autopilot, one App for all your needs. One of the most rated email marketing Apps, taking an even further step and adding SMS- Text messages to the automation workflow. Great App, not recommended to start with. Start with Klaviyo and once you are running out of the FREE version these other paid version can apply.

Jilt eCommerce Email Marketing– Free


This is a great starter email marketing App, although I would personally still recommend Klaviyo as your starter marketing App. Automated email marketing, simple setup and design, and analyze your results all on one platform.

email marketing

Other Made By Shopify Apps

I actually tried both these Apps out as well. Fraud filter was necessary to block certain countries that kept trying to order items with fake credit cards. This became a big problem but Fraud Filter was able to block everyone from said country. Kit creates Facebook Ads for you!

Kit- Facebook Ads– Free

I have always been pretty cautious when using apps to run my ads. But Kit actually turns facebook visits into sales, also works with Instagram to create ads and audiences, Kit isn’t just another marketing app. Kit is a proactive, artificially-intelligent assistant that you’ll talk to everyday, who’s on call 24/7, working whenever you are and even when you aren’t. Kit will actually send you previews for ads and ad spend. You can agree and it will do the rest.

Fraud Filter- Free


Like mentioned above I used this app to block users form certain countries. You can also create filters, flag suspicious orders and much much more. It’s a great safety net plus its Free!


Trending Apps

Clever Google Ads & Shopping

Get Google Shopping, Search, Display and Remarketing campaign effortlessly in a single installation process.

Bold Subscriptions

Seamless Shopify integration for reoccurring payments and subscriptions.

Discount Upsells– 7 Day Trial- $19.99

Another Upsell and cross sell app. Buy one get one, but two get 50% off, buy 4 pairs and get another one for free.

Infinite Options– 30 Day Trail- $4.99

Personalize your product page with dropdown menus, check boxes. Live counts and much much

Smile Rewards & Loyalty

Loyalty Points and Referral points, get your visitors to share your products and earn points and rewards. Simple design  and setup up and easily connected with marketing tools.

Like always, if you have any questions about any of the apps, comment below or shoot me an email at 

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