3 Marketing Myths & 3 Must Have Strategies

3 Marketing Myths

Thanks for checking in again, today we’ll cover 3 Marketing Myths and 3 Must have Strategies! Myths can really cause you to lose sales if you make decisions on them. Below are some tips and blasts for every myth to boost your sales.

Myth 1: People purchase products at the lowest possible price they can find.

That is not true-if it was then companies like Rolex and would not exist-Timex would have put them out of business a long time ago.  Despite the ease of research afforded by the web, customers are usually lazy and do not conduct full research.  Even on eBay, where the comparative rates of a item are much easier to verify-individuals often purchase a item at a cost greater than they could.  So what makes people buy the product?  These are called triggers for purchase-the most common are:

• Seller confidence 

• High perceived value 

• Recommendations 

• Convenience to Purchasing 

Blasting Myth 1: Establish your qualifications-we have years of company consulting knowledge, for example we understand what operates and what is not working in a company.

Find methods to enhance your item or service’s perceived importance by incorporating extras or obviously showing its purchase value.Make sure you include some real suggestions in your sales letter.



Make buying and receiving your item simple by not adding obstacles to buying such as additional types, obscure or complicated techniques of payment.

special offer

Myth #2: Offering countless distinct alternatives to your clients will increase your revenues

When faced with multiple alternatives, most clients find it difficult to decide. They respond frequently by procrastinating-and moving to a vendor offering a better item.  Now we don’t say adding extras or up selling, just state clearly what’s included in the product and don’t give alternatives that not only confuse but make it harder for you to sell and process.

When given the two alternatives “purchase,” “do not purchase,” the human mind operates better.

Blasting Myth 2: Offer only one item-or set of products per website.  To promote various acquisitions, you can have a transparent (and brief) menu on each page.

If for a item or service you have more than one choice-then offer them distinct names and introduce them individually.  For example, you can call them “silver service,” “gold service,” “opal service,” etc. That’s what we’ve done with our different marketing services and it works pretty well. 

You should always strive for a small item or service variety that is readily grasped.  You should be prepared to clarify in one or two phrases each of your goods.  If this is not possible-how do you expect your prospective customers to know what they’re purchasing?

Myth 3: My product or service is needed by everyone

Unfortunately, most people don’t think they need a specific consumer service.  Obviously with products like ipods-your kids will attempt to inform you that they really need one, really, but this is peer pressure set up with millions of bucks.  Much of this was spent on investigating and research, what the industry wished-and they received it correct!

If you think this myth then you also think that without a lot of advertising or sale you can succeed.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t occur that way, despite what some marketers tell you.

Certainly there are some very effective marketers around, but they will all acknowledge that a lot of market research sampling and review of their offers-occurred before they succeeded.

Building a good company is difficult work-most of it is dedicated to discovering and connecting prospective clients with your goods and services.  Even though most individuals can use your goods or service, you still need a promotional approach to reach them and a persuasive sales signal to close sales — because you can bet your last dollar— there are just as many vendors where there are a lot of prospective clients.

Blasting Myth 3:

• Do your homework-figure out where your prospective clients are, what specific requirements and wishes they have and what they want to fix.

• Look for a closely defined niche industry where your item or service addresses clients ‘ distinctive needs.

• Design to satisfy these requirements with your item or service.

Test, change, test, refine, test and receive reviews from the client.

Unless you’re one of the millionaire marketers around-you’re going to discover a lot of legends you’re following and spending cash on.  Hopefully you were assisted by the people above.


3 Must Have Strategies

3 must have strategies

1.       Explore New Advertising Methods: 

A sharp decrease in the efficiency of your advertising campaign is the first indication you may need to discover fresh advertising approaches.  Yeah, you’re shelling out a bunch of hard-earned money for advertising, and the public is turning their nose up!  Do not wait until your earnings plunge for fresh advertising strategies to begin begin.

Keep looking for the gold box.  The whirlwind of transition that moves through the marketplace continually provides excellent opportunities to discover fresh publicity services Look for one that will set you up for brand fresh achievement heights


Here’s the general rule for marketing: keep 80% of your marketing budget invested in the “tried and true” techniques that deliver a constant stream of revenue, and spend 20% in exploring fresh ways of getting your message to prospective clients.

2.     Be alert to the lookout for new markets!

Diversification is the key to remaining on an ever-changing marketplace’s cutting edge.  By constantly altering as well, you will isolate yourself from the impacts of these modifications. 

And yeah, you know… If a brand fresh industry translates into millions of usd in revenues, you never understand! To reach new markets, you don’t have to go out on a limb.  In the industry you are presently struggling with, there are advertising niches.

Think of it like this… your industry can be divided into several sectors that are broadly characterized.  A multi-level marketing firm may realize that many of its opportunities are moms at home and retirees.  

Hey a couple of advertisements aimed at the correct people… two extra web sites aimed at stay-at-home moms and retirees connected to their home page… and they have tailored their economies efficiently and are probable to see a 20 percent rise in revenues.


3.       Invest in New products or Services

Have you observed a steady decline in the revenues and revenues of a product or service that you are presently offering?  If you have other goods and facilities to fill the gap, it’s no sweat.  Keep a close eye on fresh goods and facilities that compliment what you have to deliver already.

A proprietor of a bridal store may have a humming company selling gowns and veils, but what about smoking?  Wouldn’t it be simpler to get everything in one location for the marriage group?  Tuxedos are not only for weddings, proms and clubs are also calling for bow ties and tails.  The potential is far-reaching.


Yeah, if you stay on the edge and make changes with it, you don’t have to be harassed by smart rivalry and fresh technology. Try these three policies to maintain you lively and rising sales figures!


Thanks for staying with me this far! If you have any questions of comments, leave them below! Also check out our other posts.

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