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After learning the Basics of Amazon FBA, we can now look more into what to sell on Amazon FBA! Amazon offers an incredible opportunity for entrepreneurs to create amazing semi passive online income, from the comfort of your home or from anywhere in the world!

If this is the first time here on this site, check out the Basics of Amazon FBA first, then come back and continue here.

Recap on ways to sell on Amazon


  • Arbitrage– Find low priced retail stores or online marketplaces and resell on Amazon at a higher value, there are some great apps to help you with this.
  • Wholesale– This is what I did, buy bulk goods cheap and ship to Amazon, and they fulfill the orders for you. Semi Passive, as you always have to keep up stock 
  • Used Books– This is how Amazon started, book sales, visit a yard sale or use some old books you have flying around and sell them on Amazon.
  • White Label/ Private Label– This would usually be the second step to Wholesale, research and manafacture your own brand. Branded good are seen at a much higher value then no name. This should be your goal with FBA

How to Start

  1. Start with researching high in demand and low competition products. Use programs like Jungle Scout, AmazeOwl or others to make this easier
  2. Once you found a product, find sellers on Alibaba.com. There are thousands of manufacturers here, make sure to check their ratings and years in service.
  3. Contact seller and ask if they can add a logo, your logo (if you are just doing wholesale then skip step 3 and 4)
  4. Once you are happy with the seller communications, logo and prices order a min order for testing. There are a lot of people telling you to buy 1000 the first time but I like to test before ordering to much and sitting on it.
  5. Create a brand new Amazon listing. Do not list under an existing listing.
  6. Create your labels following Amazon’s FBA steps and ship the product to Amazon’s warehouse, they will distribute your product throughout America and have it ready to ship.
  7. Amazon PPC Ads- Launch and advertise your product using Amazons own advertising system, keep reading below to learn more about Amazon PPC.
Once this is completed you sit back, have a coffee and check your analytics! Keep an eye on your inventory, my first product I didn’t run any ads and the product sold out in 2 weeks. You don’t want that to happen, so keep an eye on your stock! 🙂
amazon ppc

Amazon PPC

What is Amazon PPC? Amazon advertising within Amazons Platform. Also known as sponsored Products, when you search for example camping chairs, often the top listing products are “sponsored products”. These are pay per click PPC ads. Being seen first or at the top increases your sales and customer visibility tremendously.

Getting more sales will also increase your organic searches and improve your listing score. PPM or pay per mail ads are impression based ads like facebook uses, here you pay for every 1000 people who see the ad versus people that click on your ads.

It is recommended to start PPC as soon as you create a new listing, or you can also wait until you have a couple reviews to start your first campaign as well this should help improve the effectiveness of the ad..

Amazon PPC Ad Types

There are 3 types of Ads on Amazon, Sponsored, Headline or Product Display Ads

Sponsored Products

Sales conversion and click through rate always perfrom great on sponsored ads. They are highly beneficial because the mix with the organic search results and impersonate with them. For example you search for bags, there will be ads for bags. These only work best if you do your homework on keyword research! Do keyword research and then Amazon will target automatically to the suitable audience.

Product Display

These are shown on a product page in the similar product section. These are designed to be a self serving option and paired with the ASIN, this will give you better options to focus on behavioral segments. For example, Amazon allows each seller to match every deal with an specific audience for a display ad. 3 key notes are type of product, target audience and objective of the ad.

Headline Search Ads

Similar to the sponsored ads the headline search ad is limited to a particular product and organic search. There is a top banner of ads on the page and that is this ad. Placed at the top with the intention to increase the possibilities of a product being seen, and then sold. With headline ads you can display multiple products at the same time, customize the landing destinations and even the ad copy.

PPC Ad Requirements

  • Seller Account– Obviously to need an account to start first.
  • Amazon Brand Registry– This is required when using headline search ads, this is mainly here to protect your brand and intellectual properties.
  • Shipping-use FBA or if you are shipping items yourself you will need to be able to ship anywhere in the US.
  • Buy Box-Buy box eligibility criteria needs to be met to be able to use sponsored ads, that means a Pro seller account with good standing and the stock availability.

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