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Got Your First Order? What Now?

Did you already get a sale? Good Job, now what’s next? Now we fulfill the order using Oberlo!


The Process is simple, within your Oberlo dashboard you can see the “order Product” button. Click the button and it will take you to all the orders that need to get processed.

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If you have more than one order its best to go to the last page, that is the oldest order. By Default are the orders sorted from newest to oldest… Ok, the orders with the blue tag or Oberlo logo are the orders that have been imported by Oberlo Supply. If you add your own orders separate not using Oberlo they will not be blue.

Simply click the Oder products button and let Oberlo do the rest. If you are using Aliexpress the process is very similar. Here you will find a red or orange order product button, this will redirect you the Aliexpress website, it recommended to safe your Aliexpress login info, otherwise you have to log in every time you open your browser.

Now after clicking the order button and getting redirected the Chrome Extension- Oberlo will do its magic. Leave your mouse alone and don’t touch anything and your see the Oberlo extension add the product to your cart and checkout, then sync and import all your customers shipping details. Now you look over your order and simply click pay.

Great! Now you have ordered the product from Aliexpress and they will ship it to YOUR customer! As a note, what I like to do before hitting the Pay button is add a short note to the seller on Aliexpress, mentioning that this is a dropship order and you don’t want the receipt or other advertisements shipped with the order.

This is just an extra step to connect with the seller and start to build a relationship, also checking that the seller will not send a receipt with the order to show the actual cost of the product 🙂


It’s recommended to ship with epackt shipping format, this will ensure your order will arrive within 12-20 days of shipping. Since all these packages have to go through customs the seller has to list a price on the package label, often the seller will have a lower price on the label to save on duty costs. You or your customer, never have to pay any extra customs fee’s. The seller is taking care of all.

Alright, the order has been paid for and we are waiting for the seller to ship the order. You will receive an email from Aliexpress, saying your order has been paid. Once the seller ships the order you will receive another email from that will let you know its shipped.


Try to always update and sync your Oberlo app in your store. Your orders will automatically update with the tracking code once the order is shipped and an email will go to YOUR customer updating them that the order is shipped and providing them with the tracking number.

If you have any other questions comment below or email me at marcel@createinnovatemedia.com

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