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Welcome to this Free Intro to Selling on Amazon. I am here to share my experiences with you all and to help those interested in learning more about creating passive income. Amazon is an amazing platform and there are huge opportunities available. I will go over some need to knows and my own experience as well.

About Amazon

  • World’s largest Online Retailer and growing rapidly!
  • 450+ Million products available world wide
  • $92 Billion in 1st Party sales
  • 2 Million Active Sellers
  • Amazon is the primary destination for online shoppers.

Amazon’s Growth, on desktop there are over 100 million searches monthly and on mobile 70 million searches monthly! Incredible opportunity, to join and be part of!

International Growth, 11 Country Marketplaces, 150 Fulfillment Centers and growing and 185 countries with active buying customers world wide!

Jeff Bezo’s Goal: “Build the most customer centric company in the world. Any customer could review any product and any product could be offered for sale.”

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Things to know

Amazon has algorithms and continual optimization happening in the background. Automation is the goal and it wants to show the best products a customer might have interest in.

  • Product Ranking
  • Sales & Promotions
  • Features & Opportunities
  • Determine Buy Box Winners
  • Suspend Seller Accounts
  • Invite Only and Opportunities

Alright now we covered the Intro lets get into the real stuff

Fulfillment Options & Fee's

Amazon has two fulfillment options. Do I have storage, inventory and capacity to fulfill orders myself or do I want Amazon to do it for me? FBM and FBA

FBM- Fulfilled by Merchant, you fulfill all orders directly. You save some money as there are less Amazon fees but you have to pack and ship every order. Not very passive.

FBA- Fulfilled by Amazon, you ship all your inventory to Amazon, they store it for you and when you get an order they will pack it up and ship the order for you! This is what we want. Amazon takes a small fee for this but well worth it in the big picture.

I highly recommend FBA, I started with FBA right away and it worked amazing. Once we cover market research below and know what product we want to sell we can get started! Also get the Amazon Seller App for you phone.


Referral Fee and Fulfillment Fee’s                                                                     Referral Fee or commision’s are typically 15%, 6%-25% is the normal range.

fba fees

Selling Plan's

There are 2 Selling plans available. Individual and Professional. The Individual plan has no monthly subscription fee BUT a selling fee of $0.99 per item. Professional Plan has a subscription fee of $39.99 BUT NO selling fee. 

So if you sell more than 40 items a month you should get the Professional Plan. If you sell 100 items a month on the Individual Plan you will have to pay $100 in fees, $.99 per item but with the Professional plan only $39.99 since we just pay monthly and not per item.


Types of Sellers- 1st Party vs 3rd Party

1st Party Seller is a Manufacturer. You can create and market YOUR brand, brand registry with Amazon would also be an option, meaning you and only you can sell this product on Amazon as you have registered your brand with Amazon. This would be a great long term goal to achieve. This seller buys wholesale from Alibaba or other wholesalers and creates your own brand!

3rd Party is a Reseller. Sell new/existing Amazon products. This is how I started myself, after researching and checking what Amazon already has for sale and looking for a gap in sellers I started by reselling folding credit card knives. I will get into more detail later.

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Marketplace Research

Have you decided if you want to create your own brand or resell existing products? There are a lot of rules when it comes to reselling products, you cant resell for example new Nike shoes. Why? Because you would need to be an Authorized Reseller. Yes, there are ways around this but they could come back and get your account suspended. Believe me, I know as my account was suspended as well once.Start your own brand or resell no name or used items.

  • Are there other products like yours on Amazon already? 
  • What are the ratings & reviews of those products? 
  • How many sellers are selling that your product? 
  • How established are your competitors?

Check the categories before looking to deep into product ideas. Some categories require approval or selling history:

  • Jewelry & Watches
  • Clothing & Shoes
  • Automotive & Motorcycle
  • Toys & Games
  • Personal Computers
  • Collectible Books
  • Health & Personal Care
  • Food & Groceries

Requirements for Success

Offering unique products, excellent customer service, Amazon will do this for you if you are selling with FBA. Prompt fulfillment & Inventory– Again Amazon will fulfill your orders, you just have to make sure there is always plenty of inventory on hand at the fulfillment centers. Ongoing analysis and optimization. And finally, commitment, keep at it and don’t get easily discouraged. This will be a learning curve, some products will have more success than others, just keep trying and you will succeed.  

My Own FBA Experience

After doing my own research and watching what felt like every Youtube video on Amazon FBA I finally started to take action! Same for you by the way, don’t just learn all the info and not do anything with it, that will get you nowhere. After market research and online suggestions I found my first product. Folding credit card knives.

I began my search on Alibaba and Aliexpress for these knives, once I found a good price and manufacturer I went ahead and order 100 knives for $0.25 per knife. 

Reminder to also check if products are legal in your country before ordering products. Turns out this knife is actually illegal in Canada (considered a concealed weapon….). So I quickly send all of the to a US fulfillment center and listed my listing on the US Seller Central. Luckily that workout great.

credit card knives

I created a listing under an existing product and seller. Since I was doing FBA, Amazon appeared to have favored my product under the existing listing and my listing and price would always show up first. Great news for me as these knives got sold out in almost 3 weeks at $9.99 each! Amazing profits and great first experience. 

Next I ordered 1000 knives and did the same thing. I am no longer selling these on Amazon so if you are interested in selling these yourself, here you go! First possible product for you! I do recommend doing your own market research first as times may have changed since I was selling them.

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